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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday that his officials have already made the case to U.S. President-elect Joe Biden’s incoming power for a long disputed oil pipeline that reports say Biden will reverse on his first day in office.

Trudeau said that over the last several days, his officials have communicated arguments in favour of the Keystone XL pipeline to the highest levels of his administration. A few Canadian media houses reported that Biden plans to scrap the pipeline immediately upon taking office Wednesday. Biden’s plan is outlined in transformation documents seen by the outlets.

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On January 3, when members of the 117th Congress takes their oaths. The number of Republican women in the House will more than double from 13 to at least 28. Although, For a party historically known as “pale, male and stale,” this increase is primary meaningful for USA politics.

The number of women on the other side of the aisle has been increasing — currently, it’s 88.

The first milestone came in 1985 when there were only 12 Democratic women in the House. That year, the pro-choice mega-fundraiser EMILY’s List (“Early Money Is Like Yeast — it makes the dough…

Kate Middleton wore one show-halting take care of another in 2020.

The Duchess of Cambridge pulled out a variety of green dresses when she went on an imperial visit through Ireland in Spring, and she even re-wore pieces that she’s had in her wardrobe for quite a long time, including a shimmering blue Jenny Packham dress that she originally appeared in 2016.

Here’s a glance at some of Kate Middleton’s best outfits of the year.

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In January, Middleton made her first appearance of 2020 in a stunning plum Catherine Walker coat.

President-elect Joe Biden knows the challenges and the opportunities of the vice presidency better than any incoming president since George H.W. Bush.

Biden has said that any power a vice president has is purely “reflective,” meaning it is the president who decides how much influence his second-in-command wields. Now approaching his inauguration to the presidency, Biden seems to understand how critically important it is for him to share as much of his reflected light with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris as possible. …

Roald Dahl was the king of villainy when it came to conjuring up antagonists to instill fear in the hearts of the children reading his books. In “The Enormous Crocodile,” for example, a villainous creature cleverly disguises himself to get near enough to the kids he wishes to devour. And few fictional characters are as terrifying as Agatha Trunchbull in “Matilda.”

New Staple 2020: Endless Winter Collection of Leather Jacket

Perhaps that’s why, when I found myself laughing in the cinema during a screening of Robert Zemeckis’ adaptation of Dahl’s book “The Witches,” I was slightly surprised.

There is nothing…

Social media is a tool to not only engage with fans, but can be an extra revenue stream for many on the list below. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are now lines of business for the most popular players on the planet.

Ranked by their total following across the three biggest social media platforms, here are the most followed footballers.

Cristiano Ronaldo is absolutely miles clear with almost 420 million social media followers. The Juventus forward has the sixth-most followers on Twitter and is top of the pile on Instagram and Facebook.

Ronaldo’s 122 million Facebook likes put him almost 20…

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